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Common Fields
Accession: 1997-00485 Accession Date: 2004-02-18
Common Name: Genus: Rosa
Species: Rank:
SspVar: Cultivar: Othello
Family: Rosaceae Nativity: David Austin 1986, Britain
Loc1: Rose Garden

Bed 14
Loc2: Rose Garden

Bed 14


Extended Fields
Colour: Red/Crimson Evergreen/Decidous: Deciduous
Habitat: Tall growth allows for it to work as a short climber Habit: Medium shrub; vigorous, upright
Height And Width: 5 ft. by 4 ft. Leaf Margin:
Leaf Colour: dark, matte Flower Size: Large
Time Of Flowering: Late spring/early summer:Repeat flowering; good Stem Or Trunk: thorny
Zone: Leaf Size:
Flower Type: Double, full bloom; very large, cup-shaped flowers; strong Old Rose fragrance